Baby, toddler and child growth, especially in social development and relationship formation, are greatly affected by where they spend their time, who they interact with and the quality of that interaction time! 
What better way to get out the house, and spend quality time with your baby, as well giving your baby the chance to see other babies and toddlers of different ages playing and getting together. 
Looking for fun baby clubs and facilities, but not wanting to leave town? Milton Keynes has a lot of soft play venues and infant facilities where your toddlers can roam around and play. While some have entrance fees and some are free, there are numerous play areas that you and your baby can enjoy and go have fun in. 
1. Safari MK Soft Play and Party Venue (
Open for 7 days a week from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Safari MK is a soft play and party area which envisions to provide a fun and educational venue for family relaxation and children recreation. The place offers many exciting activities for babies to try, such as Preschool Yoga, Baby College, and Safari Kickboxing. 
Preschool Yoga encourages the learning of yoga through play, while Baby College teaches toddlers about social skills and self-development. Safari Kickboxing, on the other hand, can be enjoyable for your toddler if you wish to immerse them in sports through playtime. You can also enroll them in Hip Hop Tots, a dancing class having hip hop routines and lively music. 
Kids in Bouncy Castle
2. Mini Monsters Soft Play Café 
If your child prefers carefree play with newly found friends, Mini Monsters Soft Play Café is a must try. Aside from story time activities and arts and crafts, the venue is split into interesting areas: the Mini Monster House, the Mini Monster Baby Swamp, and the Mini Monster Garden. 
The Mini Monster House is the café’s main play frame, where bouncing ball-rooms, soft walls, and tunnel systems can be found. There is also an area for younger toddlers – the Mini Monster Baby Swamp – which is softly padded and protected. Supervising parents may also come and join in the Swamp. 
3. The Little Bookshop, Great Linford 
If you see your child growing up to be a book lover, then The Little Bookshop at Great Linford may also be a good stop for your baby day out. The Little Bookshop is a non-profit bookshop filled with pre-school books and learning materials at a budget-friendly cost. 
Aside from taking your toddler to a story time visit, you may also donate books and materials to the bookshop. This teaches your child the value of sharing at an early age. 
Depending on the type of activity, Milton Keynes has a lot of infant clubs and toddler playtime venues. Feel free to message us with any more great venues that we can add to this list! 
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