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Maternity Seminar event on 21st March 2019. 
An evening filled with knowledge and networking for student midwives and healthcare professionals. There will be updates on preeclampsia, prenatal screening, Non-Invasive Prenatal testing (NIPT), infant feeding and contraception. Advice on caring for expectant parents with a previous difficult pregnancy loss. Delivered by the Aster baby Scan Clinic team.  
Maternity Seminar Event
Baby, toddler and child growth, especially in social development and relationship formation, are greatly affected by where they spend their time, who they interact with and the quality of that interaction time! 
What better way to get out the house, and spend quality time with your baby, as well giving your baby the chance to see other babies and toddlers of different ages playing and getting together. 
Looking for fun baby clubs and facilities, but not wanting to leave town? Milton Keynes has a lot of soft play venues and infant facilities where your toddlers can roam around and play. While some have entrance fees and some are free, there are numerous play areas that you and your baby can enjoy and go have fun in. 
Breast milk is very important for every baby's diet. As the main source of nutrition for newborns, it contains nutrients that are naturally essential to infant growth and development. It boosts increased intelligence, often linked to higher IQ scores of the children when they transition to adulthood. Breast milk also has antibodies, which help lower the risk of infections and illnesses that may develop in the infant's early childhood. 
Although highly suggested by obstetricians and gynecologists, breastfeeding is mostly a woman's personal choice. Its long-term advantages are beneficial both for the infant and the mother, some of which are listed below. 
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