Cervical Length Scan  

From 16 to 24 weeks 
Personally performed by Dr. Bamfo 
Scan only £120 
For scan and consultation, see consultation fee 
This is a scan that measures the length of the cervix. 
It is an internal or transvaginal scan and is done after 16 weeks. The actual scan takes about 5 to 10 minutes however the appointment time is 20 minutes. The cervical length scan assesses the risk of a premature or early birth. 
Preterm birth affects around approximately 1 in 10 births in England and Wales. The earlier a baby is born under 37 weeks the more chance there is of long term complications for the baby. 
During this scan the heart beat of the baby will also be checked.  
You will receive one glossy photo and printed report. You may also be interested in our other scans. 
15 minute appointment 
See and hear fetal heart beat 
Measure the cervix 
Includes 1 glossy scan photo of fetus 
GP referral not required 
You must provide the report to your 
healthcare provider responsible for the pregnancy 
The cervical length scan is helpful if: 
The Cervical length Scan is helpful if: 
You have had a previous premature birth 
You have had a miscarriage after 14 weeks 
You have had an operation on your cervix 

Cervical length Scan Dunstable Luton - Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire 

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