Welcome to Baobab Life – a health and wellness blog for women. 
Aster Baby Scan Clinic was created by Miss Jacqueline Bamfo, a consultant in Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine Subspecialist, to support expectant parents during their pregnancies with pregnancy scans and advice.  
Dr Jacqueline Bamfo has now joined her sister, Miss Alison Amegatcher, a Registered Nurse based in California, with over 20 years + of experience in healthcare to create Baobab Life. 
The sisters want to create a space for women to find high quality evidence-based information about health and wellness. They believe it is time to change the narrative in women's health. They want to bring empowerment, ownership and support towards better health outcomes for women. Their approach is holistic, relevant and collaborative. 
So why Baobab - Baobab is the Tree of Life. It has amazing resources and can be used for numerous health benefits. And we hope that Baobab Life will prove to be a useful resource for women in Beds, Herts, Bucks and beyond.  
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Baobab Life: What We do? 
Our priority is to empower you by understanding your heath and how to communicate your health needs to your healthcare provider to ensure timely and effective care. 
We will: 
Empower with Knowledge 
• We will provide information on different aspects of your health life, to enable you to understand your health in the areas of Pregnancy and Fertility and Gynaecology. 
Empower with Mindfulness 
• We will provide information about alternative therapies and parenting strategies that can support and enhance your mental wellbeing. 
Empower with Voice 
• We will provide guidance on the questions to ask your healthcare providers during the circle of your reproductive life. It is vital to know when to seek further clarification when answers are not clear or you require further help. 
Empower with Network 
• We will provide a network of Healthcare Professionals for you to access through blogs and engagement 
Empower with Sisterhood 
• By regularly reading our blog you will have access to all the above and more. 
• We will run events with opportunity to meet healthcare providers and meet a community of women supporting each other. 
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